Teacher’s Page

For a better understanding of the process of the lesson: Lesson Plan.

The rubrics for grading the written assignments and trial can be found under Evaluation. The research portion of the assignment is graded separately from the oral portion because some students may struggle with oral presentations, but excel with research or vice versa so it gives the student a chance to excel at one portion and work to challenge themselves on another portion.

Scaffolding is where the teacher will be most active. The teacher will need to help guide the scaffolding in the classroom to make sure that students’ are learning what the need to learn and processing it correctly. The teacher must make sure the research is guided correctly so that students’ understand it for their trial.

Students’ and teacher will need to create an Edpuzzle account in order to wtach the introduction videos and receive a grade for answering the questions in the videos. The teacher will need the account in order to grade the students and view what they are saying. The introduction video questions are a good place for the teacher to begin gathering an understanding of what the students know so you can guide the research if necessary.