The Jury


So you’re the Jury. Being selected for jury duty is the one time that people dread being selected first. But, the jury plays an important role in the courtroom and your first task is to find out some more information about the Jury by answering the following questions:

1) What is the role and purpose of the Jury in the courtroom? Isn’t the judge there to make the decisions? How do they make decisions? What is a grand jury?
2) How is the Jury selected for a case? Does everyone have to serve? What is the result of missing or skipping jury duty?
3) What is a voir dire? Why do they do it in the courtroom? Who administers the voir dire? Is it a written test or done verbally?
4) Where does the jury go during the trial? What happens to them during deliberation of the trial?
5) What is Justice in the courtroom in the eyes of the Jury? Is it the same as the Judge? Plaintiff? Defendant? Why?
6) Each member write a 1 page paper about a trial where the jury made an unpopular decision regarding the status of the defendant? If you can find it, was there any backlash as a result? Why did they make the decision they did?

Your group will need to decide how much discussion you  will have about the case before the trial, but remember what the role of the Jury is before you decide. During the trial, the whole group will serve as the Jury, and the end you will be given a chance to deliberate. After your deliberation, you will need to write a 1 page summary how deliberation went and why you chose the charge that you did.

Get ready to listen because a big decision will need to be made.

To understand how your group will be graded, click here.

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