So you are a judge…

You get to sit in the front of the courtroom, and, ultimately, you have final say on what goes on. But there is a lot more to understand. Your first task is to research the role of a judge in the courtroom and answer the following questions:

1) What is the role of the judge in the courtroom? Are they the “end all, be all”? What do they need to consider during a trial?
2) What types of judges are there and what is the process to attain those positions? What type of schooling is involved? Are you elected? Are you nominated? How you can lose office?
3) How are decisions made in the courtroom?
4) Does a judge have a role in politics? Why or Why not?
5) What is justice in the eyes of the Judge in the courtroom? Is it the same as the Jury? Defendant? Plaintiff? Why?
6) Each member write 1 page write up about a Supreme Court justice (past or present). Talk about how they got to the position of justice as well as any major court decisions they ruled on.

For the cases we are doing in class, you will need to review the background information on the case as well as choose someone to preside over the courtroom for each case. The remaining members will serve as bailiffs. After you review the case materials, discuss any possible issues that may arise in the courtroom among the group. After each trial, the group of judges will be responsible for writing an explanation for the sentencing decision that will be handed down.

So sit back, buckle up, and get ready for action.

To understand how your group will be graded, click here.

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