As the defendant, you have an uphill battle to climb. You need to prove your innocence to the jury with the help of your lawyer. Before you step in front of the jury, you will need to find out some more information by answering the following questions as group:

1) What is the role of the defendant/defense in the courtroom? How can an argument be made with all the evidence being presented? What does a defense lawyer do?
2) What does it mean to be innocent until proven guilty? Why is the defendant sometimes held in jail until the trial if they are innocent?
3) If you feel the trial was wrong, what can you do to prove your innocence?
4) What is a public defender? Why do we have this system in place?
5) What is Justice in the eyes of the Defendant in the Courtroom? Is it the same as the Plaintiff? Judge? Jury? Why?
6) Each member of the group write a 1 page summary of a court case in which the defense has won the case. Why did the defendant end up being freed? Was there an appeals process involved?

Now that you have some understanding, let’s get started on the trial. As a group, you will need to pick someone to serve as the defendant and a couple of members serve as the lawyer(s). The group will need to decide the best defense in order to get your client to walk away innocent and free. At the end of the trial, your group will need to write an outline of your defense as well as a summary of why you think you may have won or lost the trial.

This will not be easy, but it can be done. So it’s time to get started…

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