Here’s how things will work. Each group is assigned a set of questions asking about their role in the courtroom. Understanding that role is important to being able to carry out the process.

To begin, each group must work together to prepare a 2-3 page report answering their questions and citing any sources. After the report is complete, the group will need to review their case and decide how their role works in the courtroom. Whether it is ignoring the case or presenting an argument, your group will need to decide. A mock trial will take place at the end of the lesson with each group getting a chance to serve a role in the trial. Some roles will require students to serve as witnesses or the subject. After the trial has concluded, your group is assigned a question to answer about the trial in itself in a 1-2 page summary. All of the background questions will be due the day of the trial and the post-trial question is due the class after the trial. Click on your group below to get your task: