Web-Based Inquiry Lesson


How Does the Judicial System Work?

Description: This lesson aims to help students develop an understanding for the judicial system in the United States. Students will explore the different players in the judicial system and understand how the judicial system can influence politics. Using collaborative research, small assignments, and some role playing, students will gain a better understanding of the system as a whole and ways it could be improved.

Virginia SOL: GOVT.10- The student will demonstrate knowledge of the operation of federal judiciary:
a) describing the organization, jurisdiction, and proceedings of federal courts;
c) describing how the Supreme court decides cases;
d) comparing the philosophies of judicial activism and judicial restraint.

NET-S Standard: Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making- Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.

Objectives: Students will be able to….
1) identify the different parts of the judicial system
2) understand how the judicial system functions
3) identify the reasons for the judicial system and how the courts can differ
4) think about how the judicial system can affect politics
5) discuss what justice means

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Get ready because the Court is in session….

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