My philosophy towards education is still pretty fluid, and I think it will stay that way. It is important to always reassess yourself and be open to change. A teacher should always be open to adjusting their teaching to maximize the students’ abilities rather than the other way around.

With that said, my goal is form a relationship with the students so that they feel they are more than just another test grade. My best experiences with teachers are the ones that care about the students and show a genuine interest in their lives. As a result of the teacher showing an interest, I was more motivated to do well in their class and more interested in their classrooms. I hope I can deliver this to students the same way it was delivered to me.

In terms of academics, my area of focus is History and the Social Sciences. I think this is the best topic to teach because all of the topics are intertwined and feed off of each other. While I feel History, Political Science, and Economics are important, my true love falls in Geography. It goes beyond reading maps and knowing the states of the United States. I hope to show the importance of Geography (and all the other Social Sciences) by having interactive projects that show force the students to think outside of the box so that they understand the “philosophy” behind the facts rather than just the facts themselves.